The Wife Who Knew Too Much- Review

The Wife Who Knew Too Much was my first Michele Campbell book. I wish I had read her work earlier! I devoured this novel in two sittings. Short take- it’s fresh, addictive, and binge worthy. 

It all starts off with a bang.

“I’m writing this to raise an alarm in the event of my untimely death,” it begins. “If I die unexpectedly, it was foul play, and Connor was behind it. Connor — and her.”

What follows is a deliciously dark, intricate plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. Campbell knows how to expertly play both sides. I empathized with our two leading ladies- Nina and Tabitha. Both were consistently strong women who decided to give love a second change only to have tragedy follow.

At the get go, I was hoping Connor would leave his wife for Tabitha. After all they seemed destined to be together, right? The scenes of their youth and later reunion sealed the deal for me. Or so I thought.

It all changed in reading Nina’s chapters. You find out more of her character, her heartache. She doesn’t seem to be the woman Connor painted her to be. Scorned a bit, yes, but not crazy. While I wanted Tabitha and Conner to end up together, I also felt myself wanting something happy for Nina. It was hard to discern who was involved in what, and who to trust.

This book keeps up break-neck speed but will leave you questioning your destination. I did figure out a small part of the twist early on, but it was fun seeing how exactly it would unfold. There were a lot of breadcrumbs left throughout the story which Campbell took to weave together a sinister ending. 

Outside of the juicy plot twists and glamorous settings, my favorite part was the characters. Too often in domestic thrillers, the women are painted as weak, woefully incapable, and in need of a man.  That was not the case here. Tabitha was strong, resilient, and could see through bullshit a mile away. Her being blinded by her love for Conner was done in a way that made sense but even that had its limits. She wasn’t a damsel in distress. Neither was Nina. She too had been blinded by love twice in her life, ending up burned. Yet again, she could fend for herself and had a backbone.

Campbell played on tropes we’ve seen done in the past. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll be vague and just say, she got me. I thought I knew where this was going, who would be at fault. I was totally, and pleasantly, wrong. 

If you’re in the market for a suspenseful read that will grip you until you turn the very last page, this is it. With its dark ending, magnetic characters, and glamorous setting, I thought this would pair well with Loves Me Not White Blend. I received 2 bottles of this from Winc wine, not sponsored but I wish. This is on the sweeter side with the flavors of lychee and elderflower and a floral scent. It’s the perfect pairing to hide sinister secrets underneath.

Michele Campbell is definitely a new auto-buy author for me. I can’t wait to dive into her back catalog of books after reading The Wife Who Knew Too Much. Thank you to Netgalley for my advanced copy! This one will be out on 7/28!

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